The Cocorico story

In 1996when sweethearts Sidonie and Fred travelled from northern France for a three week holiday to the Caribbean they had no inkling that their lives were about to change forever. They were so captivated by Dominica that they decided on a complete whim to open a small salon de thé in an old house on King George V Street. They called it Cocorico, the word the French use for the call of a rooster, the national emblem of France and a symbol of good fortune.
So with a little luck, very little money, and a lot of hard work, their business grew. It came as a complete surprise to them when their customers wanted to buy the French wines and artwork Sidonie and Fred had added to their tea shop just for decoration. So they filled a refrigerator with French cheeses and hams and increased their modest stock of wine and souvenirs.
In 2000 Cocorico moved to the Bay Front. Upstairs the salon de thé became a restaurant café and downstairs was a shop selling wines, gourmet foods, arts and crafts and duty free goods. Six years later the couple launched a new store on Long Lane called Pirates which would sell their gourmet foods, wines and duty free goods. TheCocorico boutique and art gallery would focus exclusively on purely Dominican arts and crafts.
In july 2008, Cocorico art gallery was replaced by its fashion accessories corner with COCO Chic!
Today Sidonie and Fred fondly recall the days that the freedom of youth and the luck of the rooster brought them happiness in Dominica
Paul Crask of ‘FOOD & DRINK’ (DOMINICA – 2007)

Historical of Cocorico:

Owner: Donald Williamson
Founders: Sidonie Vandamme and Frederic Cernota
1996: 58th King george V street ‘ café and French grocery.
1998: opened on 60th King George V street ’ the Wine Store’ next to Cocorico Café
2000: Cocorico moved to the Bay front and fixed the old building to a very nice restaurant, café on the first floor and a unique arts & craft and duty free shop in the cellar:


                           Before                                                               Now

2006 to now: COCORICO LTD makes 2 ‘babies’ PIRATE LTD and COCO Chic!

PIRATE LTD:The wine store moved to 6 long lane in Roseau and has tripled its size. PIRATES continues to be owned by Frederic Cernota and offers sunglasses, watches, duty free items, wine, French goodies, alcohol and spirits. pirate@cwdom.dm

Cocorico Cafe is a internet wireless café Gallery, restaurant.

Coco Craft and duty free, located in the cellar cater to anyone to feast their eyes on items never seen before anywhere.  Many 100% locally hand crafted items.

COCO Chic! Specializes in fashion accessories like handbags, sunglasses and jewelry.

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4 pm & Saturday 8.30 am to 2 pm

Tel: 767 449-8686

Fax:767 440-2626